Bio-Integration Therapy

Candace Pert PhD., renowned pharmacologist and mind/body expert, famously asserted the body is the subconscious mind. With this philosophy in mind, in order to make positive, life-affirming shifts, one must address the body. Bio-Integration Therapy is a somatic-based therapy that serves as a guide to the messages of the body. The process may reveal information about physical imbalances, as well as energetic and emotional patterns.                                                                                

Bio-Integration Therapy utilizes applied kinesiology techniques (muscle testing) and somatic release techniques to facilitate a comprehensive session that bring insight and clarity to the places where you feel most “stuck”.  The feeling of immobility and “stuckness” is largely due to the role of the subconscious mind. The subconscious makes up the majority of your consciousness and is  responsible for almost every decision you make. It is that part of you that is habitual and “does without thinking.”  In order to have full clarity on why you are doing what you are doing and to change behavior, the subconscious patterning must be addressed.                                                                                    

This is where applied kinesiology and somatic therapy come in. Muscle testing provides the means to access the subconscious mind directly through the body. Somatic therapy techniques provide the tools to transform long-held patterns in the mind/body. Through a process that may involve traditional forms of therapeutic inquiry, somatic release techniques, and/or energy awareness techniques, the patterns are identified and released.                                                                              



*BioIntegration Therapy is a hands-off therapy (in other words it is not a form of bodywork)

*BioIntegration Therapy can address physical dis-ease as well as bring clarity and insight into emotional and mental imbalances as well

*Bio-Integration is based on the innovative work of Rob Williams, founder of Psych-K and Pam Kelly, founder of Bio-9

*Bio-Integration Therapy can be done in person or remotely over the phone or via Skype                                                                                                                              


“I’ve been working with Katy and the Bio-Integration process for a few months now. It has been amazing to me how impactful this has been. I’ve been very pleased at how effectively this process goes straight to the core issues that help me grow and get unstuck. I’ve been involved in psychotherapy, self-growth programs, spiritual programs and they all have their place, but this has been the most impactful as far as quickly and cleanly getting to the heart of matters and where my healing focus is best placed. There is no hiding and that is a good thing! Katy is very, very compassionate and open, I always feel supported and safe with her and that is not something I find easy. This process has become an important tool for me because feel like I am connecting deeper to myself and my truth/wisdom, not some external source where I become dependent. Thanks for all of your support!!”

“I had little or no expectations of the Bio-Integration. At the time I had my first session I was in a health crisis that affected my mental and emotional states and I didn’t have hope that anything could help. In the days after the session I felt joy and my life force return. The problems that seemed so huge and insurmountable at work all but disappeared with my newfound clarity. Now a month (and another session) later, I feel more healthful and energetic than I have in years—even my coworkers comment on the change they see in me. It is a rare gift to find a modality and practitioner that can affect such great change and healing in a person’s life—I deeply recommend this work.”

“I find while working with Katy in Bio-Integration, I am supported in a way that allows my truth to prevail. I am learning to create my own journey instead of my old patterns creating it for me.”

“Katy has helped me consciously understand what the patterns in my body are communicating to me. She is very intuitive, caring, and devoted to helping her client’s move towards greater well being and ease.”